Industry analysts expect the e-vapor industry to approach $4 billion in sales this year. That’s just the beginning. Trends analysis show that by 2018 that number is likely to climb to $10 billion (According to Wells Fargo Securities). You are in the right business but you need an edge because with massive growth comes intense competition. Mig Vapor’s Vimanna Vape Bar will securely place your vape shop at the cutting edge and keep you ahead of your competition.
A Vimanna Vape Bar allows you to offer your customers the ability to blend their own e-liquid on site in your shop in a matter of seconds. There are literally millions of potential flavor combinations. You can offer the best quality USA made e-juice on the market and enjoy greater profits and less waste. A Vimanna Vape Bar will supercharge your business.
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Vimanna Vape Bar
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Take control of your outdated liquids that don't sell and never be out of the loop again, or lose hundreds on liquids that don't sell.
How about 3x profits?

low low bottle cost
  • Vimanna Vape Juice Bar will change everything in your vape shop, EVERYTHING!
  • Drippers will design your liquids and make the recipes for new flavors.
  • We supply you with a ton of mix recipes to begin.
  • Offer a punch card for buy 10 bottles and get one free.
  • Promotions are unlimited for your vape shop.
  • Start cost is 10 K or under , start with as many as you want, and return on investment is under 60 days.
  • Average store sells 100 - 160 bottles a day.
  • No more wasted liquids.
  • When a new flavor becomes popular, you order a bottle of flavor and your in.
  • When a flavor goes out of being popular, just toss the flavor bottle and buy the new "IN" flavor, and all you lose 20-50 dollars for 1, 750 ml flavor bottle, not hundreds or thousands of dollars for bottles that don't sell.
  • Offer 0,1.5 , 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 nic' pure VG base or 50/50

You can't lose with this bar!

Become a wholeseller
There are too many liquid brands out there, you will never sell all you have, or have the flavors your customers want.
With Vimanna E Juice Bar.... You do !
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Get in the beginning of the revolution, not when it's too late.

All stores are protected with territory.

Don't allow your competitor to be first, you will not be sold if you are within 25 miles of a Mig Vapor Vimanna Vape Juice Bar, period.

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